Makerbot SBU

Here are some videos I use to help better explain and understand the Makerbot 3D printer (more specifically the Replicator 1 (no longer avail for purchase), Replicator 2 and Replicator 2x).


The mechanics of 3D printing:

“It’s like a hot glue gun on steroids”


DIY: 3D print your own iPhone case:


Printing on a $300 Printrbot Jr:


Design for 3D print

If you design thinking about how your part will 3D print, you’ll be much more successful.  Read a blog post here to understand some of those concerns:

Design for 3D Print (DF3DP)

Useful Links:

“Cause sometimes you just need somewhere to start”

TechShop SF Makerbot Calendar

Makerbot Support Page (for Replicator 1 and Replicator 2)

Hands-on Rapid Innovation – overview and media on 3D printing

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