Type A – Series 1

The Type A Series 1 3D printer

Designed and Built in San Francisco, CA in the Tech Shop SF

Here are some videos I use to help better explain and understand the Type A Machines, Series 1 3D printer.


The mechanics of 3D printing:

“It’s like a hot glue gun on steroids”


DIY: 3D print your own iPhone case:


Printing on a $300 Printrbot Jr:


Design for 3D print

If you design thinking about how your part will 3D print, you’ll be much more successful.  Read a blog post here to understand some of those concerns:

Design for 3D Print (DF3DP)

Useful Links:

“Cause sometimes you just need somewhere to start”

Thingiverse.com – “the internet of things”  Download STL and other CAD files here that *should* be 3D printable!

Shapeways.com –  want to 3D print something out of a different material?  These guys have the most I’ve seen!

SupplyBetter.com – need to find other local sources for 3D printing?  Check out these guys who get quotes from many 3D printing suppliers in the area

TechShop SF Makerbot Calendar

Makerbot Support Page (for Replicator 1 and Replicator 2)

Hands-on Rapid Innovation – overview and media on 3D printing

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