Research Videos

Videos of Fuel-Flexible Engine Research

In collaboration with U.C. Berkeley and La Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Fuel Flexible Engine Testing

Consecutive engine operation under 5 different fuels (short version ~3 min, English)

The full 9 minutes of consecutive engine operation under 5 different fuels (methanol, gasoline, JP8, diesel and bio diesel)

Rotary Engine Basics

The Four-Stroke Cycle of a Rotary Engine (English, 5 Dec 2011):

Test setup and calibration

Engine breakdown, removal and installation on dynamometer timelapse (English, 6 Dec 2012)

Calibration of a atmospheric pressure sensor (Motorola MPX4115)

Sensor and Actuator control using LabVIEW & ArduinoUNO (Spanish, 31 March 2012)

Commentary on the new drill chuck shaft coupler (Spanish, 25 April 2011)

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